FD Studio Shoot in Astoria, NY

I finally had an opportunity to work with FD Studios in Astoria New York! We rented Studio 7 which was an amazing Blackout photo studio for rent with a bathtub, bike, and RGB lights.

Everyone Preparing for the Photoshoot

Unfortunately, our studio had lost all air conditioning. That means that it did get quite hot in there due to all the lights and the people in the room. We were provided with a ton of fans which were great for a wind effect, but it was still hot. The studio was very well managed and the staff were very friendly. It was really easy to get ahold of anyone and they answered all my questions as well as provided me with some equipment! I was able to shoot tethered for the first time! This was an amazing opportunity and I absolutely adored it.

I got to work with a lot of amazing clients and able to make some amazing pieces!

Here are some highlights of the pieces that I was able to capture at the studio! I cannot wait to use FD Studio again and check out their other studios!