Bringing Gods to Life in Photography Studio

Greek Mythology is something that I have always found quite fascinating. The lore and individual stories are so intriguing and also leaves a lot to the imagination. When I put out a model search for someone to model Artemis for me, I was shocked by the response I got from people wanting to explore more gods and goddesses. We ended up putting together six different deities in the studio. 

The studio I use is very spacious, making the challenge of creating six unique sets easier, but it was still a challenging feat. We had gods of nature, fire, water, much! With the help of Levy from Tnf Cosplay, I was able to put together all these different looks and bring these gods to life.

Overall, this shoot was a lot of fun and my models were all wonderful. We had a blast and the images we were able to create are some of my favorite pieces in 2023.

Behind the scenes on set

Levy from Tnf Cosplay putting on Makeup on the models |

Capturing the feathers falling for Nyx |

Edited by Kain.