Fantasy Horse Shoot

Ever since I was a child, I have always adored horses. I grew up in Gainesville, Florida and would always beg my dad to get me a horse. So it is no surprise that I went on a journey to incorporate a horse in my very creative photography! Little did I know, this journey took me 3 years to finally complete. Email after email, it would be the same; "sorry we are not interested." I felt very defeated and felt I would never be able to do this shoot. This is when I stumbled across Red Buffalo Ranch (http://www. after a recommendation from another rejection email. The ranch was delighted and happy to help me finally complete my journey! They kept in contact with me and helped me create my vision by showing me all their beautiful horses. Ultimately, we went with the magnificent horse Noble. I am so happy to finally do this shoot and be able to share photos from a vision that was 3 years in the making.